Momentum Camps Coaches Update...

What's up everybody out there in cyber-ski land!

Just checking in and saying hi, with a little update on how winter's been going for the Momentum crew. These guys will all be back coaching at camp this summer. Actually most of them are here in Whistler now for the World Ski & Snowboard Festival.

The Momentum coaches have been busy putting their knowledge and skills to the test, slaying it in events all around the world.  Here's a quick little highlight reel of some of the top performances:

Sarah Burke, X-Games 3-Peat!!  Once again, Sarah showed up and set a new standard for women's pipe skiing, her hard work continuing to pay off.  As most of you now know, she had a nasty fall on the final hit in the slopestyle comp, taking her out for a short time, but she is healing extremely well, and will be back on snow before the end of the season.

TJ Schiller, the comeback!  Yeah TJ!!!  After gaining a start in the XGames slopestyle as a last minute alternate (what's up with that anyways?) TJ showed the world that he is back better than ever, with a gold medal performance!  There was nobody in that final with more people rooting for them, and the celebration of TJs victory was almost as legendary as his run.  Yo TJ, try not to miss your flight out next year LOL.

Justin Dorey, the destroyer. J-Bone has been KILLING halfpipes around the globe this season, with podiums in almost every single competition.  Talk about progressing the sport, Justin has every single trick that you can imagine mirrored on both walls, including the double!  J-Bone just broke his C-Bone the other day, so unfortunately he has to miss out on the JOI, but he will be back in no time.

Mike Riddle, style machine.  Watching Mike ski this season has been such a treat, he makes the most difficult tricks look absolutely effortless, and where most people have to pencil it up to get a switch ten around in the pipe, Mike will grab his so hard that half the time he lands with one ski on his foot, and the other in his hand.  HIs recent podium appearance at the US Open was evidence that style and grabs can still be the determining factor in todays competitions.  Mike has also been quietly killing it in slopestyle this year as well, making finals in two of the Dew Tour events. More recently, the Riddler stomped some sweet runs in Maine to take 3rd place at the inaugural Dumont Cup.

Colby West, Mr Consistent.  For the 3rd year in a row, Colby hit the X-Games podium, slopestyle this time.  He seems to be alternating between pipe and slope medals, which is a true testament to just how well rounded his skills are.  And yes, he is still as funny as ever....

Ian Cosco, .... well c'mon, he's Ian Cosco!  Chug Life lives!  Stoked to see his summer camp edit.

Rory Bushfield, the animal!  Bushy is back, in a big way!  Just google "Rory Bushfield Ice Jump" if you need a few minutes of entertainment...

There are so many more performances worth mentioning, but you guys don't want to be sitting around reading on the intra web all day now do ya?  Let's just quickly shout out to the rest of our epic coaching crew - JF Houle, Chris Turpin, Josh Bibby, Peter Olenick, Tanner Rainville, John Spriggs, Kaya Turski, Frank Raymond, Iannick B, Matt Hayward, Corey Vanular (he's back) Tim Russell & Dana Flahr.  These guys not only know how to get it done, but they know how to pass the skills along for your benefit.

So once again, we can't wait to see you all In Whistler this summer at our home on the glacier. Sessions are starting to fill up so contact us at   or 1 800 949 7949 to hold a spot.

In the meantime, get out there and rip a few runs!

Trennon Paynter, Head Coach Momentum Camps