Member Review:

They are forgiving on landings and buttery because of the rocker but have a fairly stiff flex so you don't wash out very easily. So far no damage to the edges and being a rail rat in the midwest thats important for me. I can still get some mollies and have a little fun on them even though they aren't soft. I would highly recommend them. Durable, fun, pretty stable for the amount of rocker they have, and just an overall great ski. -Swandog7

Characteristics: High Speed Stability, Loose, Playful

Manufacturer's Description:

Miami Style. The Vice grants the unmistakable feel of handmade construction, now with a full cap for unbeatable durability. Mustache Rocker allows for a stiffer overall layup with the forgiveness of a softer ski on takeoff and landing.

Sizes: 168, 178, 184 CM

Dimensions: 110 / 83 / 105 MM

Radius: 16.2 - 21.0 M