Characteristics: Floaty, Surfy, Playful

Manufacturer's Description:

We do love a fat ski. And while it's easy to lust after the Chipotle Banana's voluptuous dimensions and Radius Rocker profile, even when we find its girth and burly layup a bit sadistic. So we hookup up the doll again, and this time instead of an ICBM we got the perfect girlfriend: the Meridian 117. Still floaty and surfy, but way easier to ski when everything's tracked up. Still firm enough to stand on, but way easier on your legs - and your spine. In short, it's what we all imagined we'd feel like on the Banana, until we remembered we weren't tucking 100-day seasons under out belts like Carston.

Sizes: 171, 181, 187 CM

Dimensions: 146 / 117 / 137 MM

Radius: 33 M

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