All images courtesy of Yanko Design

Camera “concepts” are a dime a dozen. BUT…I always love it when smart designers take an idea we take for granted–like that consumer/pro-sumer camera made up of a singular body with various other moving parts–and totally shreds it. This is the case with numerous new/emerging manufactures at the moment…RED, GoPro, and even iPhone all fall into this category. I happen to love them all. There’s a new one of these concepts on the block, still in development since October, that reminds us that this stuff is not going away… The Digimo Camera Concept. I heard a rumor that this design is alive and well, not dead. Click thru the image tabs above to see more on this concept…

Regardless of particular concept or manufacture, by providing a base model that requires no add ons (GoPro for example) and then giving options for super-small but sync-able screens, as well as ball joints and attachement legs to make a building block-like structure, these cool idea allows for greater customization, and the ability to snap the camera into places that a bigger, less-mobile machine just couldn’t go–like the handlebar of your bike. Basically, it’s not too dissimilar to LEGOs concept.

As technology gets smarter and lighter, making consumer/pro-sumer grade cameras easier to manipulate and “build” is a great idea. Will the legacy camera manufactures get with the program?