Alright where I live (the midwest) just doesn't get the exposure in the industry of the Northeast, Rockies, and Pacific Coast. (note freeskier nov 06 issue no midwest mention even for urban cities). So i set myself on a mission. If im going to be living here for the next two years why not do something about the lack of exposure, and give back to the area.

This will be happening in 3 Phrases 1. Media 2. Events 3. Video, so today i start off by telling you a little about "America's Drunkest City"

Milwaukee is a very intresting place to live now a days. It's a city in transistion, more and more people are moving to our metro, and corporations are keeping as much of their industry and workers into milwaukee without outsourcing to asia. You can tell too. When i moved here from boston 1.5 years ago the retail in my area (North Milwaukee) was lacking you used to have to drive to the western farmier areas to go to a mall or home depot, and even when you were there there were little to no national chains you find in my old home Boston, in the past year things hae changed. This weekend a 1.5 Million Sq Ft. Mall just opened in Milwaukee's Northshore, brining many new companies to the area (and saving me a 40 min drive to buy clothes). Next off climate, even though the average snowfall in Milwaukee has fallen over the years, the weather is still perfect here for local ski area's due to no ocean climate to raise and lower tempatures quickly once winter comes... it stays. We can keep a constant tempature of 20's and have optimal snowmaking for our resorts... Just this friday Sunbusrt Ski Area (in Kewaskum, WI located 40 Mins north of Milwaukee) opened earlier than the east coast, and some western resorts... but how much do you see written about that in the Ski Media, even though it is a smaller hill, they still had 3 rails set up (that are also the same rails vail owns). We have the same amount of talent out here, but it is not as encouraged to be a freeskier in this area. Snowboarding greatly over powers the skier's in the park, they also get the exposure, which is awesome for them. I just think this season is our oppurtunity too... If the future is here for the economy of the city, I think it's here for our freeskier's too... Look for big things coming out of the Midwest this year... i'll kee you updated!