Interview & photos by Jeff Schmuck

So you’re back in Whistler for the summer?

Yeah. I haven’t been here for a few years, so it’s pretty sweet.

Yeah it has been a few years hasn’t it?

Yeah the last time I was here I was riding the public park, struggling to get a couple of hours in every day. And before that I was a camper, so it’s great to be up here coaching at Camp of Champions.

How’s COC been this summer?

It’s great. The park is sick and I think it’s the best one up here. All the features are maintained every night and the kids are stoked and I’ve been fortunate enough to do a bunch of skiing on my own up here.

What’s been the best part so far?

Just getting to ski park. I’ve been on my snowmobile all season in the backcountry which was awesome, but I really like riding park and I didn’t get enough of that in last winter.

How was your winter?

It was incredible, because there was good snow everywhere, which was a nice change from the season before because it was so bad in Utah. So I got to ski a ton of pow this year and definitely got my fill of it.

Get any big trips in?

Yeah I got to go to Europe with TGR and spent some time in Grand Targhee with Berman, and I spent a ton of time in Montana with both TGR and Level 1. I was there for almost two months, just spending a ton of time on my sled, and I ended up blowing through it this year actually. I put about 2,000 miles on it and blew the engine out in April (laughs). It was well worth it though.

Are you pretty happy with what you accomplished footage-wise?

Yeah I’m real stoked. It was a lot of work trying to put two full segments together. Filming that much with two companies is definitely twice the work but I feel like I did a pretty good job with skiing the best I could for both of them so I’m super happy with my year.

Have you gotten a peek at what Level 1 and TGR have put together for you yet?

Not really but I’m planning on hitting up both of their offices when summer camp is done to get involved in some editing, and I just started talking with them about music.

What’s up for next year?

Filming for sure. That’s definitely my gig. Things are kind of up in the air right now because I need to see what’s going on with sponsors and whatnot but I definitely want to shoot with Level 1 and TGR again and I’ve been chatting a bit with Tanner about doing some filming with him as well.

So you’ve got quite a few fans on NS…


Yeah man, people are stoked on you.

That’s so cool to hear, because I don’t go really go into the forums on NS. I definitely go on there to read your stuff though.

Awwh, thanks Wiley. Anyway though, in closing, what would you say to the kids on the site?

Keep shredding, and thanks very much for all your support. I really, really appreciate it, and be sure to check out Level 1 and TGR’s movies this year.