After last month's Sosh Big Air, the circuit moved to Milan where Elias Syrja looked to go back-to-back but his competition would be stiff as always. Featuring the likes of Norwegian beast Oystein Braaten, Swiss spin master Andri Ragettli, Swedish style boss Hugo Burvall, it would not be easy. Neither would covering the event.

Apparently it was livestreaming in the US but I couldn't find it on NBC so I resorted to an all in German livestream coming from Austria, catching the end of the 1st heat.

Hugo kicked off the 2nd heat with a spicy switch dub 14 but he floated pretty far from the landing so his score took a hit. Following that up, Birk Ruud's funky sw double misty 10 blunt was Bobby Brown-esque. Ragettli one-upped Birk by going to 14 on a switch double misty then Elias Syrja finished the round off with his signature pre grab safety dub 12.

Pre grab safety dub 12

Round 3 feature a lot of falls, mainly due to the guys trying to make their way into the top 3 with some gnarly tricks. Elias Ambuehl pulled a dub 12 lead blunt to trailing blunt with extreme ease. Ragettli slowed his rotation down from the last jump and did switch dub misty 12 blunt. Elias Syrja had his chance take the top spot going into the last round with a 93.4. Unfortunately he tried to crank out a switch dub 12 and landed a bit backseat, sealing the deal for Ambuehl.