December 14, 2007, Avon, CO - Liberty is proud to announce our newest team member, Mike Hornbeck! Mike's aggressive and fluid skiing style and positive attitude are a perfect fit with Liberty, and we are looking forward to his input on everything from product design to Midwest claims. Liberty president Dan Chalfant says Hornbeck's addition will bring" A strong skier with amazing urban skills and a good outlook on the sport" to the team.

Liberty Team rider David Lesh had this to say. "Hornbeck and I are honkies from the Midwest. We've been friends for a while, and it's amazing to see his progression and the ways he is influencing the sport. It's hard to develop such an aesthetic and smooth style coming from the "good ol' huckin'" Midwest, but it is really his personality that brought him to the attention of Liberty. He is kind, down to earth, and hard working, and I look forward to having another good friend on the team"

Mike Hornbeck followed up by saying, "I'm super stoked to be a part of the Liberty family, the skis are so durable and quick. The swing weight is unbelievable! I'm very excited to be working with a company that is as progressive as Liberty. They try so many different things to make the skis right. Rider input is huge. The skis are so sick, I couldn't ask for anything better."