FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESUNDAY, 7 MAY 2006 12:00 You could own Since 1999 the website Midwest Skier has dominated the online community of Midwest freestyle skiing. From it’s birth the community and subsequent partnerships with magazines, events, and even at times branching into event and video production had become the visible pulse of a much-neglected movement. Midwest kier is now for sale. It was the dream realized and pushed forward by Paul Prins who two years ago stepped down from major operations (including production, writing, filming, and photography). His professional and life ambitions have led him away from the world of skiing and the website has fallen into self-admitted neglect. “I had thought that I could simply continue to manage content but that was just it, there was a lack of content stemming from issues around empowerment, ownership, and direction. “In the years to come I will be increasingly involved in my upcoming marriage, studies, and work. If the community is to once again grow and flourish it needs to be passed off now,” Paul said recently when asked about the future of Midwest Skier. Over the years there have been many people committed to the site and the riders who make it look great. Many thanks is owed to their hard work to which Prins has said he is grateful. Prins hopes that the future owner of Midwest Skier will have the resources, time, passion, and energy to keep it going and to push it past every previous level. “The biggest hindrance we had was market size, the market in the 05-06 season was multiple times the size of the market in 99-00 when we started and shows no signs of slowing.” Those interested in acquiring the company (including website domains, documents, data, and name rights to; Midwest Skier, Midwest Skier Open, and all design and logo work) need submit a proposal (or questions) to which includes your intent and desire for the website in the future. Cost is $65 or best offer. Get some friends together and lets keep the pulse alive. All proposals are due by noon (CST) July 1, 2006.