Words & photos by Bill Hickey

The Midwest Ski film Festival went off like no other event in the Midwest has before. People traveled from Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana to Milwaukee to see the dopest movies of the season.

Hathbanger and Daywalker were spinning the beats before the start of the movies getting Red Bull-infused kids pumped, while Mike Hornbeck and Tom Wallisch sat down to sign some Refresh posters.

The night started off with NICE, a Minnesota movie which had only Minnesota music, riders and locations in it. After NICE the came Jibulant Productions’ Lets Dance, who are from Indiana, which gets about as much snow each year as your freezer does. But what these guys lack in snow they make up in raw talent, and it’s definitely worth checking out their movie. Then Everyday is a Saturday, So Far So Hood and Refresh were played, I don’t think I need to break down those movies for you unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months…pure cinematic GNAR. Nuff said.

After the films came the product toss which seemed to never end. They had so much stuff from Smith, Giro and Bern helmets, Osiris shoes, a pair of Surface skis, a Banshee Bungee, enough stickers to cover the state of Delaware, and a ton of shirts and hoodies. One lucky audience member even got to pick out one of this year’s new Jiberish hoodies off of someone on the team’s back.

After the premiere of the movies people moved over to the Thridward house where Daywalker and Hathbanger continued to pump killer beats till the early morning hours.

Big thanks to Pete from Jiberish for bringing out Hornbeck, Wallisch, Walker and Hathaway and a big ups to BP for putting on a truly epic event. Thanks to all the sponsors: Line skis, Salomon, Jiberish, Bern, Smith, Scion, Surface skis, Banshee Bungee, Full Tilt, Les Moise, and Niffty Nine. Sorry to any sponsors I missed in the list, and see you all next year at the MWSFF.