We wrapped up the Middle Earth leg of the trip in Graftin Wisconsin, Insane weather Kept some riders away but the ones who did show threw down hard, Andy Paskov took the win with huge blind fours out and major Midwest after bang. He also threw in a Gaggle of Right side variations, A big shout out to Aiden Smith and Nick Nowak for Deuces on the flat down switch and regular respectively Final thoughts from the Middle East,So after two tornados in Iowa, a near trucker gang rape in Nebraska, basically paddling the flooded Mississippi, almost getting arrested for passing a toll booth on the turnpike, losing our corporate credit card in Michigan, driving the full convoy the wrong way on a major one way road in Milwaukee, getting a DUI test for it, Taking on 10ft swells accross Lake Michigan, Crashing a wedding at Boyne, forgetting to pay for gas outside Cleveland and getting a gun pulled for it, Black Tuesday in Butler Ohio, 137 cups of coffee, 320 bottles of beer, a total of 84 shots of liquor and having the cops try to shut down every event, our 3 weeks in the Middle East is over and it sucks. Even if the trucker gang rape had occured and the four of us had to spend the rest of our lives in therapy and drinking from a straw especially Mike since the truckers think he's the cute one, it would have still been worth it.DNA developed the Evolution tour to celebrate the Ski and Snowboards "ONE LOVE"... Progression. DNA sends us out to throw down until the cops shut us down, and you all helped do them proud. The riders in the Middle East are the real deal. We have been wanting to come east ever since the tour started. DNA does not care if gas costs our first born, we will be back again. After all we are from Utah, and we have plenty of children to spare.Thanks for partying with us, and we will see you again.Keep Progressing,DNA, Brad, Mike, Weston, and Cortney