Okay so its a little more then half way through the season but you can hardly count January and the first two weeks of Feb at Mt Baker this year. The same is true last season and I can't even remember the one before that all to well.

But the snow has returned and I've gotten those much missed powder slashed and cliff drops.

I have stopped out the 360!

I have finally managed to do the trick I've been working (lazily) towards for 2 years. Damn that was hard. Still need to try it on my powder skis, I'm nervous.

I think it is important now to move straight into the 540's. Many a person has told me, that if you wait to long, the opening up after a 3 become so instinctual it is harder to break that habit then a non-commital 180, when hoping for a 3. defiantly try it this season

Cliff drops have been good as well. I think iI had a mini break thru when I watched someone absolutly stop a little 15 footer. Nothing to serious but the form was so casual it just looked like someone jumping of a ledge and skiing away. (I know that's exactly what it is, but this one was just so solid and casual and clean)

I think i've been overdoing the landing part and buckling at my waist to much. I've had my heals do the initial connection,  then fall forward into my boot tongues, where the control is.

I love the way my pow skis are mounted now, so much better now that their on the recommended mounting point.

I "discovered" Hairy Scary and Rat Trap. Also two more little gnarly places.

I found out the name of goldmine.

I named a chute in Sticky trees: Bamboo Shoot.

I found a lot of new riding friends who are way better then who I used to ride with and push me a lot harder.

Actually the people I used to ski with are also skiing with more aggressive people and are getting a lot better themselves.

Still haven't really gotten a lot footage this year, just some crappy POV one day, and a vid of Andrew eatting shit.

I think I really want to try an underfilp, it looks really easy.

Gotta try a backy. Have not done so yet. And maybe a front flip too.

Illness has got me down now, but spring break is gonna be like 5 or 6 ski days in a row. That'll be the week for footage and new tricks.