Mid-Late February Update...Just before presidents day weekend, filmer/producer Bentley Atteberry decided to leave his serene home in Lake Tahoe, and find his way to the airport and onto a plane. He was traveling north to Bend, OR to come film with me and the rest of the Oregon crew. Unfortunately just before he got here, a high pressure system had moved in, bringing temperatures in the 60's here to central oregon, melting the 5 inch snowpack we had in town. So after 2 nights of failed urban missions, we decided it would be best to take things to the mountains where the cascades have recieved one of the most memorable seasons in a while.Dan BrutonAfter a few hours of dinking around in the park, the crew decided to do something a bit more creative, and build a fat step up in the mountains parking lot. After 4 hours of grueling work, with the hot sun beaming down on us, the jump was complete.nice ass taylorThe session was unfortunately ended soon, when Mountain security came and threatened us with reckless driving charges for the tow in. Apparently the gap over a large wall was ok, but towing a skiier with a rope is "unacceptable." After the day had come to a close, it was time for Bentley to head back to tahoe where they expecting another large storm to hit. And with many spots and ideas picked out, the tahoe crew was ready to hit it hard.Just before the storm hit, Andy, and K.C. Deane were able to find some unique jibs to pull some buttery maneuvers on!K.C. Deane has dope skis!.... http://www.momentskis.comLater that week the storm began, and Peter Kukesh, K.C. Deane, and Christian Mares headed over to Sugar Bowl Mountain with Bentley to session the smith limo, and do what they do best...Rider Christian Mares does what he does best...Pete Likes gapping over big rails...It continued to dump as the storm went on, and there were more pillows shredded, logs dropped, jumps built, and lines skiied.

Chistian MaresK.C. loves face shots..and fluffy pillows...Jared Dalen Killing itThe season seems to keep driving on, getting stuff done up here in Oregon, and down in Tahoe with Bentley. Stay tuned for a winter trailer, and another update from Oregon coming soon!Dont forget to check out the site... http://www.dosmedia.net