Looks kinda like a hammer and nail...the tools they used to "microfracture" my bones.A while ago I decided to research the medical procedure called microfracture. I had heard mixed opinions about it and thought that I should educate myself...now I think I'll just ask my Dr. or PT.Last night I read, in regards to microfracture, quote "reputation as a possible "career death sentence" in the sports world." This shook me really hard. I was torn up about it. Thankfully, today I had my first official PT appt. with Lad and he cleared things up for me.Within the past 5 years even, they have been much more successful with the procedure. Pretty much had to figure out the healing process post op. Which is to be none weight bearing for 5-8 weeks. Then you can steadily work your way back up to %100 weight bearing. My PT assured me that I would be back %100 with commitment to the healing process. PHEW!A few suggestions for undergoing knee surgery...-If you are easily nauseated from prescription drugs...there are ways to fix that going into surgery that will help you a lot afterword, talk to the Dr. in advance.-The first 24 hours, for me, have always been really painful. This time around I got a nerve block and that pretty much cured the pain for a while.-Keep a squirt gun close for unwanted visitors or jumpy dogs.-Netflix-Eat protein to make up for the lose of protein from surgery. You're compensating and that takes protein away from healing your injury.-Green veggies and fruits.-Benadryl for itchy pain pills and sleep aid.-Cookies from Wildflour-Parents near by (I don't know what I would do without them).-No arm pit crutches, what a pain in the ass...Euro style crutches are much better.-Friends who rule and are entertaining.That's about all I can think of now. Let's just hope you don't have to undergo knee surgery at all. Now go outside and enjoy what's left of winter!!!