So this is my first blog, and seeing as I haven't been going to class lately im doing this to pass my time. This blog is the real deal for all us college kids out there. it covers the ski scene, and the party scene from Schuss, Crystal Mtn. Marquette, Otsego Club and all the little 100 foot dirt piles we call hills in SE Michigan like Pine Knob, Mt. Holly, Mt. Brighton, and Alpine Valley.

Heres a bit of background info:

I got Alma college (a little private school about halfway between MSU and CMU) and ski for the school's ski team. They make you do Slalom and GS every weekend but most everything is paid for and it gets me to the hill. We have meets almost every weekend in January and February. Heres a list of the schools at the ski meets - MSU, CMU, UofM(bunch of fuckin fags), GVSU, Notre Dame, Alma, and whatever other ones I forgot. I hate the racing part, but usually i end up getting DQ'ed and just free riding all day.

So far this year we have been to Schuss, Otsego Club, and Crystal. I will give a rundown of each hill we go to and the park status at the beginning of every week.

Check Back for the updates, I hope to have the rundown from the last 3 weekends, and updates for the SE Michigan hills up by tomorrow night so keep your eye out.