The streetstyle course wasn't the biggest or craziest of rail setups but some of the riding certainly was. Colby Stevenson dropped in with a backslide backswap to frontslide front two first trick of the day out to set the tone for the night. Everyone was else dropping hammers all night long too. Siver Voll, Alex Hall, Tucker Fitzsimmons, Antti, Alex Bellemare the list was a who's who of rail skiing. Sam Zahner took a heavy crash to the head/collarbone, so hopefully he's ok. Ultimately the event was a 40 minute celebration of rail skiing in front a big crowd right at the bottom of Copper. Alex Hall got a crazy 4 on 6 on the high rail. Mango got the grabbed switch two frontslide on the DFD, Antti had switch 180 distaster to 5050 on the skinny DFD twice, and Siver did a crazy swap to 630 out on the drop, but there were way too many highlights to name even a small percentage.

When it came down to it only 3 skiers could make the top three. Alex Hall, Siver Voll and Tucker Fitzsimmons, with Colby taking best trick.

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On the women's side, NS favorite Taylor Lundquist had some bad luck with binding releases which kept her in third. It was a close battle between Mathilde Gremaud and Johanne Killi for the top spot, with Mathilde stomping more tricks but Johanne more technical. Ultimately, the judges went for technicality and awarded Johanne the top spot.

Johanne's top 4 runs.

Women's Full Stream