Like the rest of the events, slopestyle has adopted the jam style format where every run gives you a chance to get some bonus points in the eyes of the judges. Best put by Tom, "there aren't going to be any throw-away runs this year."

How it's judged, as explained by X Games:

1 heat of 16 athletes in a 50-minute jam session, with approximately 3 runs per athlete. Riders are ranked 1-16 based on overall impression. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest. Top 5 advance to Final to meet 2019 medalists. Places 6-16 eliminated from further competition.

The top 5 that are advancing and joining AMB, Ferdinand Dahl, & Alex Hall are:

5. Evan McEachran

4. Nick Goepper

3. Fabian Boesch

2. Andri Ragettli

1. Colby Stevenson