Words and photos by Josh Satterfield

Men's Halfpipe Finals were nothing short of extraordinary this year at X. We saw more switch doubles than ever, as well as loads of back to back double combinations. Thousands of spectators cheered on their favorite riders late into the evening. With Torin dropping out and giving his spot up to an alternate, things were made interesting and the battle for podium was on. Luckily we'll still see Torin throwing down at Sochi.

Yater-Wallce being interviewed in the media lounge.

Mike Riddle may have missed the bronze by one point, but he surely landed a top spot in the hearts of many fans with his massive tricks.

The pipe getting slipped between heats.

Even the forerunner's were doing doubles. Double cossacks, that is...

Landing a spot on the podium at X Games has been the biggest accomplishment for a pipe skier since the event was introduced in 2002. Now, with Sochi fast approaching, it was assumed that skiers would tone down their X Games runs to insure their road to Sochi wouldn't end here. These assumptions were proven wrong by the top 3 athletes here at X.

Aspen local Alex Ferreira landed himself in 3rd place with the crowd roaring.

Kevin Rolland soaring his way into 2nd place.

David Wise could have taken a victory lap, but he decided it would be much more fun to throw down what could be the best pipe run of his life. He improved his score to a 92.00 and took 1st place.

I guess you could say David sends it.

Medals were given to athletes by the one and only Gord Burke, Sarah's father. It was great to see her family out here supporting everyone. RIP Sarah.

Left to right: Kevin Rolland, David Wise, Alex Ferreira

Men's Ski Halfpipe Final Results

1) David Wise - 92.00

2) Kevin Rolland -88.66

3) Alex Ferreira - 85.33

4) Mike Riddle - 84.33

5) Ben Valentin - 81.00

6) Lyman Currier - 77.33

7) Gus Kenworthy - 34.33

8) Justin Dorey - 19.66

Stay tuned for coverage of Ski Big Air Finals.