Lets start our trip down memory lane in the winter of 1997/98. I was an exchange student in switzerland for the year. One of my best friends I made that year (palmer hoyt) was also an exchange student, and he liked skiing as much as I did. That winter was the first time either of us saw FREEZE magazine, his mom sent him one from back home in idaho. We got pumped and went skiing every weekend together all around switzerland.

once upon a time I thought I was gonna be a pro skier.

Schralping the sick gnar in CH.

I went to a year of community college when I came back from switzerland, but I got over it, dropped out, and moved to Mammoth to try and be a pro skier. I ended up being hurt off and on that whole winter, so I made a ski movie. I thought I was gonna sell like 20,000 copies and shit... I think scandalous ended up selling 300 copies. This asshole Craig at video action sports (I guess he doesn't work there anymore) told me I would sell 2000 videos no problem so I made 2000 videos... those fucks ordered a whopping 80 videos from me, I sold a few over the internet, but the rest are sitting in boxes in my moms garage, every year or so she asks me if there is any way I can get rid of them some how....

this is the first ad I ever made. I had no idea what I was doing. I just remember really wanting to lable it a VIDEO, not a film.... since it was shot on video (crappy 1 chip video)

I still think film is for rich pussies. Any asshole can use a light meter, set an F-stop, and get glorious film shots. Fine tuning a digi cam is way harder to do.

Some other little interesting things about this ad... well its not interesting, but I spelt available wrong... I still have a hard time spelling that word right. I spelt shanon schads name wrong too, and that action shot isnt even in the movie. Im not gonna lie, I suck at spelling. front and center is Anthony Boronowski wearing a forum sweat shirt. I didn't even know who he was at this point, but I thought it was funny that a pro skier was wearing snowboard company clothes... Oh ya, and introducing Braden "Pep" Fujas, thats good stuff right there.

this is a video grab of Phil Belan right around his peak. Look at this shit, cork 3 lui kang. So sick. Larose used to do the best rodeo 7's.... most pros don't even know what a rodeo 7 is these days.... and that leads me to this next picture:

This is Jeff Harrison, and this is the summer of 01. Look how high he is, look how sick that grab is... JAPAN. I hope some pro is actually reading this and realizes what a forgoten treasure that grab is... start doing it again... that, and Huntony's.... JP auclair. I know you read this bullshit. Start doing huntony 3's again, on like 80 foot + BC step downs.

This was durring the making of a section in Scandalous. Eric Spriet at the mission viejo skate park