Every year since 2003 there has been a gathering in a small remote town in central Michigan. There is a clan of young and old gather that gather to indulge in drinking, sex and other things that shall not be named. This year is no different.... The countdown to the madness has started some time ago and the anticipation is ripping through everyone involved. In years past there have been stories that the people involved can’t even believe and reminisce every chance they get. From throwing a full 5 gallon gas can on a 4 foot tall fire hoping we wont die, to shot gun wakeups where a 12 gauge is unloaded right by your head to wake your drunk ass up for the day, to drinking for sun up to sun down. Nothing is off limits during this hellish time. One week and counting until the madness begins. Some wild picturs have been passed around to the people involve with the faces and name eliminated to protect the innocent. For all the people involved and for all the people that embark on their own madness over this great weekend, be safe, have fun, live the moment to its fullest but only remember what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!