This week I was stoked to see my brother (Jared Harper) release some more tracks onto his profile over at I have been lucky enough to watch both Jared and his music grow and now at the age of 18 it is unbelievable that I get to post his music out to a broader audience. Jared has been an unofficial part of the Saga Family since I gave him his first tee and now as our first musician associated with the brand, we are super stoked to be able to have him be a part of something that is as fun as Saga, I know he is stoked too (typing this makes me want to do an interview with him, stay posted). I should not go without saying that he has the help of  friends that all make cameos throughout both playlists, collaborative projects are so 2010. In the mean time all the tracks off both of his releases (Farm Walk and New Law) are free to download and the music is completely unique so I will not try to label it with a genre or title, just listen and support. Post the page link somewhere if you like the tracks and click below for download they are two personal favorites.



Jared Harper- In My Time Of Dying (Bob Dylan Tribute)

Jared Harper- The Beast