Big thanks to Claire and Javon for making this happen, helps to have well connected friends!

On Tuesday we woke up early, met at JW Marriott (where Obama was staying) and got our briefing for the following two days. We then car pooled to DIA with Secret Service, picked up 15 vans, and begun to assemble the presidential motorcade.

This is the van I drove all day.

We assembled the motorcade and drove to Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, CO.

At Buckley Air Force Base, Secret Service went through all the vans, checked for explosives, outfitted them with radios and lights, etc.

The president's custom GM made "Beasts" are flown in to wherever he travels beforehand.

We got to go inside the Beast that president Obama rode in to his inauguration speech, and got full tours from Secret Service. We also got the low down on Obama's (and other former presidents) personal lives, very entertaining.

40 motorcycle cops arrive at Buckley Air Force Base to help close streets, highways, and provide an escort for the motorcade.

I was constantly acting like Secret Service, I can't help myself.

Obama's Air Force One lands at Buckley Air Force Base, after a brief weather hold.

Obama gets into Marine 1 helicopter and gets a 4 helicopter escort up to Boulder for his speech at CU.

SWAT arrives, we finalize the motorcade and roll out.

We drive to City Park in downtown Denver, with full police blockades everywhere we go. No stopping, no matter what.

Rush hour on I-25, not a car in sight. Gotta love that!

We arrive at City Park and Secret Service begins securing the park for the president's arrival.

Marine 1 and 4 other helicopters arrive. Obama is rushed from the helicopter to our motorcade. Our motorcade leaves City Park, I am 4 cars behind the president. We have our path to his hotel completely blocked for miles in all directions, and drive the wrong way down streets, directly to his hotel without stopping.

We drop off Obama at the JW Marriott. After a long day (6am-midnight), we drive back to Boulder.

The next morning, Claire and I drove back to Denver to meet the president.

Hanging out with Secret Service and the Beast.

I of course continued to act like Secret Service.

We meet with the president to discuss FD in regards to guerrilla marketing tactics for his upcoming campaign.

Finishing our discussion, he said "Good luck running your company!" and I immediately replied "Good luck running the world!". He and Secret Service laughed. Then time for a few quick photos.

The motorcade pulls out of the Marriott and Obama is off to give another speech in Iowa later that day.

Our two days of presidential activities were over, back to Boulder!