Shea is my almost three-year-old black lab. She rules. Ask anyone that's met her. I had some time to kill at work today (no surprise there) so I went looking through my Aperture library, deleting photos I didn't need and organizing the ones I wanted. I had over 100 pictures of my dog but here are some of my favorites:

The first meeting
First night at home
Ice Fishing
Mid jump.
First hike in the woods
Good looks
First time swimming
Nice pose
Sort of emo
Shea came on a road trip to North Carolina with my friends and I - she boozed and smoked the whole drive
...and she kicked a little ass
She's great at drunken nap time
and grabbing sticks out of the air
This dog gets me chicks
and takes sweet photos
She enjoys floating
and boating
Shea didn't like this yellow lab all up in her shit
or this chick trying to take her duck
She does like to air it out and has some great afterbang
Notice the heels on my feet - Passing out early is never a good idea
More hiking
Halloween dressed up as "Joe College"
Patrick Lyver of Blind 5 calls this picture "The Marlboro Man"
Shea banged up her foot and needed a cast.
She also likes to sleep like a whore
and float with her dad while he gets drunk
Halloween 2 - Pimp Vest
These colors don't run
Making good use of the Bula banada
Hanging out with her neighbor/best friend Bela
Happy as hell
Climbing the fire tower
Photo taken two weeks ago a top of HadleyNow that I've figured out how to batch upload photos, I'll be uploading more cool photo categories......and probably a few more pictures of my dog. -Rogge