Interview & photos: Ethan Stone

Name: Emma Dahlström

Age: 21

Hometown: Torsby, Sweden

How many times have you been to Nine Queens?

This is my third year at Nine Queens. Last year I couldnít make it because I had an injury, but Iím really happy to be back.

What do you think of the feature this year?

Itís insane. Itís definitely the most insane thing that Iíve ever seen built. Itís massive and thereís endless opportunities to do things.

How has it been to ride it?

Itís been cool. I just love to hang around with all the girls. Itís a really good atmosphere up here and the weather has been keeping good, so itís been a fun week.

This is the first Nine Queens with snowboarders, how did that work out?

I think we can learn a lot from them. They always have good style, and I like how they grab their boards in different ways. So we have a lot to learn from them.

How has life changed for you after competing in the Olympics?

It hasnít changed that much I reckon. There's more support from the Swedish Olympic Committee these days, which is really nice. Otherwise thereís a little more media around the sport, which is great because we can reach out to more people. Otherwise it's still the same chill atmosphere.

Howd the big air comp go for you today?

Iím really happy about how I did. I made the jumps I wanted to do and got them down quite clean. It put me in second place so Iím really happy.

Shoutout to another Queen?

Definitely Jessika [Jenson], the snowboarder. She did such a sick cork 7, I think it was a mute, or indy, whatever. We have a lot to learn from them. And also to Lisa Zimmermann for taking home the competition on the skiing side. The switch 10 was sick.