Last night was the photographer/athlete meet and great at the Peruvian Lodge in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Amongst the great food and open bar there was some familiar faces that it was good to reconnect with. The event couldn’t have happened at a better time with the recent passing of one of our own, Jamie Pierre. In the room were many of his close friends and associates, who spent this night to toast to someone that left his mark on snow world forever, they remembered his legacy in the best way possible, tribute through celebration. The night was one to remember and a big thank you to Jesse for organizing the gathering. Enjoy the photos.

Brent Benson leads a toast to a fallen friend, RIP Jamie Pierre.
The mean mugger all the way to the right is Dash Longe.
That is Jason to the left, he runs MFD, great to see an innovative company on the rise.
Family shred.
Alex O’ Brien takes pictures, really good ones too.
Lee Cohen is another heavy hitter in the photo game, one of the pioneers in my opinion. To the right is his son, Sam Cohen, who happens to be building a career on the other side of the lens, like father like son.
Jesse making sure everyone has just the right amount.
Hayden Price, Willy Nelson and Wiley Miller (R to L).
Julien Carr is the guy to the right, when he’s not being a professional athlete, he’s running a company called Discrete.
I ended the night with one of these delicious mini cheesecakes, these quickly became the highlight of my night.