A thread in non-ski gabber made me stop and think, whats the meaning of life, how did we get here, why are we here, how, when etc. etc. Looking into pictures of deep space makes me wonder if we are the only life in "space". I believe space is the most incorrect term to use, because if we use space for that vast quantity of area, it has to be contained in a certain area. Maybe "space" goes on and on and on forever, but how long is forever? How can we tell that the stars billions upon billions of miles away are so and so light years. Time is a made up thing to help the human form be places within a certain "time frame", but what if "time" is a frame of mind. I believe it is, "time" like "space" is an incorrect term, I think. Are we the only ones who have life in the black vastness, are we the only ones who uses time? If we can calculate the "time" of how fast the light travels from start x to earth by billions of light years, does that mean they were there before the big bang? Was everything in its place already, what if the big bang never happened?

Lets say the vast quantity we call "space" stops some place along the line, what is it a wall? Is it just pure black, absence of all colors? What is a color then? What happens when we die, do we never know, do we live in an afterlife? I believe there is a god like figure, but thats what most if not all people on planet earth think. So if there is more life in "space", which I believe there is, do they look up to a god figure?

Just wanted to share some thoughts, maybe it makes sense to you, maybe not. I dont really care. Maybe its true, maybe it is just what we were put on earth to think. Maybe we are just little specs of green squiggles thinking this stuff. Are we programmed to do this? This kind of thinking hurts my brain, and I dont doubt for a second of "time" that everyone has had these kinds of thoughts that make their brain hurt.