After a heavy snowstorm rolling in Friday night and a grim weather forecast for the entire weekend, the vibes were really dampened. The organizers at Bear had planed already for a weather day, so everything has been postponed until Sunday. And that was a good decision: Sunday was one of the bluebird days with 2 ft. of fresh snow ? if you would google for ?a perfect shred day? your comp would throw one of those photos onto your screen.

Practice gave way to a 30 minute jam session. Each competitor earned points for every single feature in the course. This format opened the stage for severe trickery: Rodeo 450 disasters to flat-down rail was one of the standards riders sticked on a regular base. Twelve riders made it into the finals: Spencer Milbocker, McRae Williams, Giray Dadali, Tosh Peters, Phil Casabon, Gus Kenworthy, Karl Fostvedt, John Kutcher, Kolby Ward, Khai Krepela, Sean Jordan, and Casey Kruger.

Those finalist had 45 minutes to score as many points as possible, working their way from feature to feature. Amplid rider Mcrae Williams from Park City UT ended up on top of the podium with a check of US$ 8.000, leaving Spencer Milbocker and Phil Casabon on 2nd and 3rd place.

An awesome course, screaming spectators, stoked riders, and a new dimension of freestyle skiing – the 2011 edition of the War of Rails has been once more one of the sickest events of the season !!!


1st McRae Williams

2nd Spencer Milbocker

3rd Phil Casabon

CLICK HERE or see full VIDEOCOVERAGE below !

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