Wrightwood, CA – February 8, 2011: On Saturday, February 5, 2011 Mountain High Resort played host to the 13th annual Cholula Triple Air presented by Monster Energy. Riders and spectators alike were jacked up on caffeine and Wahoo’s fish tacos while MC’s Eli Weiner and Brad Farmer kept the event steamrolling through the day with witty banter and trick-by-trick shot calling. With over $30,000 in prize money on the line, the impending action was bound to be intense.

The decision was made to move the venue from Mountain Highs East Resort back to West which proved to be an excellent choice from the rider’s perspective. A perfect pack of three jumps built by Mountain High park developer, Justin Montoya, provided a proper proving ground for only the most serious of competitors. This year, riders came from all over the United States as well as places as far away as Japan. It’s safe to say that, the Cholula Triple Air Show is gaining recognition as one of the premier single-day events for snowboarders and skiers.

The day started out with female snowboarders sending it off the triple pack of jumps. Although there were some heavy crashes, the ladies made serious power moves to make it through their runs onto the podium. Nirvana Ortanez ended up taking the top spot and $2,000 in cash for her smooth style and effortless consistency. Erika Vikander and Isabelle Lalive took second and third respectively in the women’s division with skill and class.

In the men’s skier division, the judges were blown away by a barrage of double corks and 1260’s, making it a hard task to pick the true winner. In the end, McRae Williams took the top spot and $5,000 with an insane run that ended in a switch-to-switch 1080 double cork on the “Money Booter.” Not far behind McRae, were two doozies for the announcers when it came some solid color commentary associated with their names. Gus Kenworthy and Ben Moxham took second and third respectively.

In the Open Men’s Snowboard Division, there was much to be decided with the biggest prize purse of all up for grabs. With over $24,000 in cash, riders like Zak Hale, Yale Cousino, Kyle Loppicolo, Jeremy Thompson, and Shane Fortier were out to expand their bank accounts. Unfortunately for them, there was a crop of young, skilled riders who weren’t ready to give up on the money. In third place, Ian Thorley from New Hampshire ripped all day and and just missed the first place position with a run that

included a backside rodeo 9 and a switch double back rodeo. It’s safe to say, if he hadn’t of reverted on his last trick, the $10,000 would have been his. Brandon Reis, an East Coast heavy took second place. He flawlessly landed both of his runs in the finals earning a heap of a payday with $7,000. There was an unexpected ending when 16-year-old Garret Warnick from Mammoth Lakes took home the grand prize of $10,000 with a perfect run that ended in one of the most textbook frontside 1080’s we’ve ever seen. What does a 16-year-old do with $10,000 you ask? Our best guess is that he’ll take out the entire female population of Mammoth Lakes on a date that could include a fine sushi dinner and some dancing at his high school Winter Formal.

The 2011 Cholula Triple Air presented by Monster Energy proved to be a big step in the right direction for the future of the biggest one day, snowboard and ski competition in Southern California.

Said John McColly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “We had some big names this year and the quality of riding was off the hook. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this event together. Especially our sponsors, Cholula and Monster, for keeping things hot and wet.”

Sponsors: Cholula Hot Sauce, Monster Energy, Powder & Sun Rideshops, Wahoos Fish Tacos, Vans Shoe Co, Jarritos Soda, and USASA.