Digit Snow has added McRae Williams and Jordan Clarke as the first two team members to represent Digit Snow.


Born: October 23, 1990

Hometown: Park City, UT

Age when you started skiing: 3 years old

Breakthrough Moment: Qualifying for Dew Tour.

Claim to Fame: Winning X-Games gold in Tignes, France

Favorite Terrain: Wasatch Backcountry.

Dream Conditions: Bluebird pow!

The Best Thing About Skiing: Freedom.

What is skiing for you? Freeskiing is my will to live. I don't know what I would do or who I would be without it.

Superstitions: 11:11 is good luck

Favorite Music: Reggae/Rap/Hip Hop

Favorite Ski Flick: Guatemalan Persuader

Other Sports/Activities: Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Wake Boarding.

Words to Live and Die By: "Every day is a gift, That's why it's called the present."

Highlights of last season?

Well, it all started with my third place finish at the Austrian Freeski Open. I couldn't have been more stoked to be on the podium with the level as high as it was, and this result earned me a spot in the X Games Tignes where my life would take a drastic change.

Gold Medal In Euro X, what was that like?

My goal in skiing has always been to make it to the X-Games, so taking gold was far beyond a dream come true. I was feeling stronger and more confident than ever that day, and I took full advantage by stomping two of the best runs of my life when it mattered most. I completely switched up my rails from qualifying the day before, and that was the best decision I ever made. I still wake up some mornings and wonder if it really happened lol.

Do you enjoy bigger comps?

They can be pretty nerve-wracking, but it is fun to be in the spotlight at bigger contest like X-Games and Dew Tour. I definitely get more fired up to throw down knowing that I have a big audience.

What comps are you looking forward to most?

I am really looking forward to X-Games Tignes because it will be fun to be the defending champion. I am also hoping to make it to the Olympics because the course looks insane and I hear Sochi is a beautiful place.

How was your summer?

Summer has been awesome! I took a few trips down south with my girlfriend which were lots of fun. We went to Lake Powell a couple times and Moab once earlier in the summer. I have also been training a lot on the water ramps at the Utah Olympic Park and at the USSA Center of Excellence in Park City. I even took a trip down to NZ for the NZ winter games which went really well as the start to a big contest season.

Plans for the season?

I am hoping to head back down to NZ for a spring camp so I can dial in some new tricks I have been working on this summer on the ramps. Then, it's right into full swing comp season with 5 Olympic qualifying events for the U.S. Aside from competing, I also want to try to put out more edits online. I will be riding for I Ride Park City so I plan to do a lot of early morning shoots to try and put together some banger edits, something I have never really put a lot of effort into before.

What made you choose to ride Digit poles?

I think Digit is a sweet company backed by a passionate group of people that wake up everyday excited about what they are doing and that's most important. I don't think there are a lot of pole companies that are specific to freeskiing so it is cool to see Digit doing just that. I'm stoked to represent what I'm sure will be a successful brand!

Other Sponsors?

Rockstar, Anon, Amplid, Dalbello, Buff, I Ride Park City, and Cole Sport.

What do you like to do in your free time when your not skiing?

My favorite thing to do aside from skiing is rock climbing. I have a membership to a climbing gym here in Salt Lake that I spend a lot of time at during the winters. I also try do get outside as much as possible in the summer. Utah has some of the best climbing in the world and it goes hand in hand with skiing so it was inevitable that I get into it. It's a great way to stay in shape as well.


Born: August 3rd 1990

Hometown: Whistler, BC

Age when you started skiing: Freeskiing – 18

Breakthrough Moment: I dont know if i have a "Breakthrough" moment. I just like to challenge myself each season, helps me constantly progress

Claim to Fame: Dragon Fire

Favorite Terrain: Backcountry

Dream Conditions: Cold, deep light snow

The Best Thing About Skiing: fame, bitches, money

What is skiing for you? money, bitches, fame

Superstitions: I put my right boot on first

Favorite Music: Depends what I'm doing, usually Wutang or Metallica

Favorite Ski Flick: Too many to name! I really enjoy nimbus, and legs of steel...

Other Sports/Activities: Hockey, biking, frisbee golf, lake/rope swings, tramps, diving boards

Words to Live and Die By: Fuck bitches, get money

Highlights of last season? Winning WSSF intersection was pretty awesome!

Tell us about your experience in the TGR Co-Lab contest?

Co-lab was an interesting experience. It was quite a long contest, with alot of self promotion. I enjoyed watching everyones entries, there was lots of solid edits!

Tell us more about last season?

I enjoyed heading out into the backcountry with the crew everyday. Nothing beats building jumps, finding new hits and shredding pow all day via snowmobile.

How was your summer?

My Summer was great. I am still going strong on a full season of work, but I actually had a few weeks off this year. It was nice to be able to hang out at the lakes and get alot of sun.

Plans for the season?

Lots. Gonna be all over the backcountry and filming. Stay tuned for webisodes (from the crew) and my vimeo home pagehttp://www.vimeo.com/jordanclarke for edits.

What made you choose to ride Digit poles?

I like the idea of being involved with a new company and helping them to evolve and progress.

Other Sponsors?

TMC Freeriderz Proshop, Saga Outerwear, Smith Optics, Pow Gloves, Top Shelf boots, Batalla Skis

What do you like to do in your free time when you're not skiing?

Lakes/Cliffs, rope swings, tramps, hockey, starting to get into biking/dirt biking