Wahoooo, what's up NS?  You guys stoked for summer camp or what?

Ok, big news this year, bigger than big, it almost makes regular big look small.

All of you who have been to camp for the past few years have probably at some point seen me running around like the proverbial chicken with his head cut off.  Now, as much as I love being involved with all aspects of the camp, I have decided that by sharing my job a bit, we can offer you guys an even better product than we have in the past.  So, with that said, I will be relinquishing my park building duties so that I put more focus into the coaching aspect of Momentum.  I'm looking forward to having more time to work with the campers and the rest of the coaches this year, to make sure that we can offer the absolute best coaching to everyone who comes to camp.

So who will design the park this year?  Well this is where the big news comes in....  Anyone familiar with High North camp will likely remember their long time digger, artist extraordinaire, and ripping shredder, Charles Bedard. We are more than pleased to announce that Charles will be taking over the terrain park builder and head digger duties this summer.  Charles has years of experience up on the glacier, and was involved with building some of the best features that have ever been put together up there, so we are super stoked to turn him loose this summer and let his creative juices flow.

But who am I to talk about Charles anyway?  Why don't we let him introduce himself, in his funny broken english that only Qeubecois Whistler transplants can produce....  So without further adieu, I present to you.... Mr Charles Bedard!!  (you can clap now if you like).

"Hi passionate readers of the underground world of skiing , my name is Charles and I will be the guy making sure of the Momentum terrain esthetic and performance. Succeeding Trennon's past year of work is a great challenge for me and I will make sure you guys wont be disappointed . During the World Ski & Snowboard festival, we gathered the most part of our coaches to get there impression on new ideas and concepts based on there personal preferences and also feed backs  from previous campers. Momentum ski camps will offer from the beginner box to the smoothest 80 footer to satisfied every level of skiers in every different weather. Look forward to see you this summer." - CB

So with that we will leave you with a few images of last years park, and the camp video from last summer, showing the features in action!!

See you all soon,


video: http://momentumcamps.com/2008/Podcast/MomentumPromo2009-Ver.2.m4v

Courtesy of Newschoolers.com