The good people at Evo have teamed up with NS to revamp the Member of the Month contest. Each month a new member receives a prize pack from Evo and bragging rights for being crowned as the winner. Congrats to this month's MOTM winner BWalmer.

Here's a highlight of Brendan's recent written content:

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Review gear is important, here's how to do it!


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It's time for the public to decide who threw the greatest trick in 2014.


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Ski season is done, so what do you do with your stuff?


Best Parks of 2014 (Read)

Who's park was the best for the 2013-2014 season.


Candide vs Sander - Who puts out the best POV edits? (Read)

Candide and Sander have out out some impressive POV edits in the past year...but who's edits are the best?


Has Competition Skiing Passed its Prime? (Read)

Competitive Freestyle Skiing is finally in the Olympics, but is it too late?