Who at present the whole world is the biggest Chinese blog search engine? Reporter inputs the related keyword in the abide search to inquire World of Warcraft Power Leveling, “guest net” the name heaves in sight unceasingly. Starts from September 18, the guest net just issued the first day, its including Chinese blog article quantity namely becomes the whole world first. But all these, are only Guangdong Business school big four student Chen Xiao work start. In blog (Blog) has as if become Internet's new favorite. It is reported that world average every 5.8 seconds will produce at present a new blog World of Warcraft Power Leveling. The Chinese surfer population is only inferior to US blog quantity grows day by day. Chen Xiao saw has many people to start to write the blog, inside the blog has many individual most recent discoveries, the what one has learned from study, the emotion experience and so on some selection content which 11 found with difficulty in the pan-search WoW Power Leveling, he thought that he can research and develop a Chinese blog the search engine? In the future will search the tendency will not just be the special vertical search? After process analysis, Chen Xiao thought that this domain has the prospect. Therefore the decision enters this domain. Now, the guest net has become the present global biggest Chinese blog search engine.