We wanted to share with the Newschoolers community this Tribute T-Shirt we are producing in Matt Heffernan's honor. Heffy skied for Planks and we as a brand decided this was the least we could do to help honor his family, friends and the man himself.

The HEFFNASTY T-Shirt is a tribute to Matt, as we are taking all profits from this sale and making a donation to High Fives Foundation in Matt's name at SIA this year in January.

The shirt is now online for sale here (US Webstore only): http://www.planksclothing.com/heff-nasty-t-shirt.html

Anyone that is purchasing this T-Shirt in Matt's honor, we have setup a code to reduce shipping/handling costs as we'll cover some of those as well. The code for $5 off shipping in the US is HEFFNASTYSHIP5. Canada use code HEFFNASTYCANADA to reduce the shipping rate. It only works if this T-Shirt is in your cart. Sizes are M, L, XL and Tall. Each size should be a little larger then our normal production T's.

We hope that those that knew Matt or didn't, will support this sale in his honor as we want to give High Fives Foundation a nice donation. We're not making any money on this sale, as we're just covering production costs and all profits will be donated in his honor. High Fives Foundation for those not familiar with them, is a non-profit that supports the dreams of mountain action sports athletes by raising injury prevention awareness while providing resources and inspiration to those who suffer life altering injuries.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message us here or shoot us an email at northamerica@planksclothing.com

We're expecting the T-Shirts to land here in early December and then we'll ship each T-Shirt order out asap.

Thanks in advance for everyone's support in making this donation possible to honor Matt.