words: cko photos:  nopolesThe athletes are trickling in and the course is almost ready for the 4th installment of Orage's Masters in Mammoth, CA.   The NS crew, consisting of myself, nopoles, Mr.Bishop and Dave Bishop, got to enjoy an epic day on the slopes today while checking out the progress made so far on the course.This year's course consists of three decks all with various rail features on the sides and booters in the middle that lead into the finish area with a wall jib/stall and all the Team's scaffoldings.  Course inspection goes down Friday so we'll see how the riders like it, but the exhibition put on by those already here in the Main Unbound park today leaves no doubt that everyone is ready to throw down. 

Course from the bottom.  The Teams will have their home bases located on those large mounds of snow in the foreground.  Mammoth park staff also cut the front of each mound with the pipe-dragon so we could see some high-flying action at the bottom of the course.