Back in 2012, Powder Ridge Ski Area in Kimball, MN approached Pinewskis Ski & Board Shop asking if they were interested in hosting a skiing-only competition at their snowboarding-dominated hill. From there, Steve Janisch, who still hosts the event today created what is known as ‘Master Shredder’.

Steve is hands-on in planning the setup and the actual build along with the help of the Powder Ridge Park Crew and members the Minnesota Ski Community. Janisch says, “I would like to think all of my years of competing helped shape my ideas of what an event should look like and how it should be run.”

Skier: Zack Mertz

The tow rope accessed hill allows for ~1 hour ‘Jam Sessions’, rather than forcing riders to worry about the success of 1 or 2 runs. Riders have time to land the tricks they set out to do and get creative on each year’s setup.

There’s no second and third place, only THE Master Shredder is awarded with a $500 cash prize. This year over 60 skiers competed, and each entry gets the riders a raffle ticket- to give all riders who come out a chance at winning something, rather than just the top rider. Riders are selected from the two jam heats to go onto the finals, and from there, the Master Shredder is rider selected. “Some people may disagree with this format,” Janisch says, “But I think it keeps all eyes on the other riders and who is really throwing down.”

Master Shredder is different from anything else that goes down in the Midwest throughout the season, and after four years running, it continues to grow and has become the ‘Do-Not-Miss’ event. The day brings together Minnesota and Wisconsin skiers, a community you can’t find anywhere else.

Master Shredder by Year

2012- Willie Borm

2013- Michael Hibbs

2014- Paddy Flanagan

2015- Ben Zins

After rescheduling due to weather, Master Shredder went down at Powder Ridge on March 1st, 2015. Sun was shining, and riders of all ages were out throwing down. Skiers gathered during down time to re-connect with friends they only see a couple times a season- one of those always being Master Shredder.

Skier: David Duea

Skier: Joel Tiburzi

Skier: Seth Shuster

The two jam heats concluded, and 15 riders battled in finals for rider's votes. Votes were counted and the new Master Shredder title was given.

2015 Master Shredder: Ben Zins

Home Hill: Mt. Kato, Mankato, MN

Age: 15

Keep your eyes peeled for an edit dropping soon! Huge thanks to Steve Janisch for making it happen, as well as Powder Ridge, Pinewski's Board Shop, Armada Skis, and all the skiers who came out!