Mark Dvorak is known in our crew as the nice guy. He is always the first to help Aj Burton dig out his sled or Kyler Cooley carry a chunk of snow. Don't be fooled though, when its time to hit a jump rest assure that he'll be throwing down as hard as anyone else. Below is a chat with MarkIn other news: DVD's are in. Get your order in while they're hot at Pre-orders are being packaged as we speck, by new mail intern Gus Kenworthy and Poster boy Mike Mertion. StartFragment Mark: How’s this work? Rage: She types what you sayto what I ask you Mark: We’re good right? Rage: I can’t afford lunch Mark: Frozen burritos Rage: Those are gross Mark: It’s all about the hot sauce. Rage Peanut Gallery: How’sthis work? Rage: Nothing Byron, it’sabout promoting videos. Mark: We should clear up thatI’m not dead Rage: Who thought you weredead? Mark: Some kid on NS. Rage: What’s his postname? You ever call him out? Mark: No…I might of. Rage: You should. Back to it’s all about the hot sauce. Rage Peanut Gallery: You should record it. This looks stupid. Rage: How’s your Down Daysdocumentary coming, Byron? Rage Peanut Gallery: Dan’s adick. Rage: Hot sauce! How’s ping pong? Mark: I’m getting better Rage: The more yourgirlfriend beats you? Mark: It’s about the challenge. Rage: Ping Pong tomorrow at Mark’s and akeg. Invite only. 21+. Mark: Ya right… maybe Rage: Alright! We need to improve thisinterview. We left off talking about ping pong. What else was a challenge from the last year? Mark: Learning how to land switch in powderand ride a sled to get there. I’mall good now, figured it out Rage: How many times did you get stuck w/ asled this year? Mark: Let’s think. Kyler’s broke on me a bunch. Idk a lot. By springtime, I never gotstuck Rage: Ya cuz there’s no powder left! Thestats are 3x a day, 360 days, 180 times at least. I got stuck about 100x too.What’s more frustrating getting stuck or other buddies getting stuck and youhelping them? Mark: I don’t mind helpingpeople cuz I help them and then they help me when I get stuck. I really don’t like getting stuckmyself. Rage: Ya cuz you don’t have to lift a side,you just fake it and pretend to help. Next question Mark. Would you agree w/ the statement thatyou might be one of the nicest pro skiers out there. Mark: You’re such an asshole. Dick. Just kidding. I’d say Cosco isnicer than me (enough about Cosco, he’s gotten enough play). Rage: You’re girlfriend def wears the pants,that’s for sure. Mark: Don’t put that. Rage: Why, she does. Mark: Whatever Rage: What’s it like to be a film skier w/outmuch support? Struggles, notgetting what you want w/out a budget? Mark: I have to work allwinter so it makes it hard to get time off. It sucks cuz I take time off, driveto Utah for 3 days, and drive all the way back. Rage: How’s your liver? Mark: It’s good, it’s all saved up for thisweekend. Rage: What’s this weekend? Mark: Premiere weekend! 3 days of liver crushing Rage: Wouldn’t you say after the ping pongtourney at your house, everything else is a side show?Mark: Ya, the whole year has been building upto this tornament. Rage: What’s your ranking? Mark: Not so good. I’m like 4th. Rage: Who’s the 4? Mark: Byron, Dylan Natale, Dan Norkunas,Jill. Rage: Ha ha. Mark: I’ve been winning against her once anda while. Rage: How does it feel to be 6’1 and get beatby a 5’3 midget(Dylan)? Mark: He’s closer to the table and has abetter view. Why do you thinkChinese people are so good? To beat him I have to be 2x better. Rage: That makes no sense.But, he’s also good at basketball and tennis. Mark: I’ve never playedtennis. That’s cool, he’s likeMugsey Bogues. I can dunk on him though. Rage: So, plans for nextyear? Goals, objectives? Mark: I want to be able to travel for 4months straight. I want to go toAK to build jumps. Rage: Do you plan on hittingthose jumps? Mark: Yeah, building then hitting Rage: Any trick goals? Mark: We should talk aboutpeople hating on me for not flipping. Rage: So talk about it. Mark: My other goal is tolearn all 4 flips. Rage: What are those? Mark: Front, back, rodeo, and misty. Cuz whenI started skiing, flipping wasn’t that cool. Ive spent all these yearsperfecting my spins. My goal isfirst month of winter to do all 4. Rage: Any parting words? Mark: Thanks to Faction Skis, Scott, MtBachelor and Rage.