In December 2009, Tyler and i we booked tickets to Seattle on a moments notice when a series of storms buried the northwest.  As their legs cramped up in economy class, the flakes falling at Alpental and every other resort in the area became raindrops and the snow conditions went south – for the entire duration of their stay.

Any avid snowboarder knows that conditions in the mountains are always changing.  Often times, when you want to ride really bad the snow is far from good.  Film crews have to work hard at forecasting storms to be in the right places at the right times.  One of the most difficult parts of the game we play is trying to stick it out through the rough patches the season serves us regularly.

Here we are again in January 2011, running from rain in the Northwest and chasing hints of snow as if our life and sanity depend on it.  At last, we parked ourselves (after 15+ hours on the road) in a region that winter has not forgotten and actually seems to be smiling upon. Now all we have to do is smile back!

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