Short update…

After talking over hours we had three plans going on.

Zillertal, Austria

Italy and

Montafon, Austria.

We chose the third plan and we got super lucky! The crew: Werni Stock, Ludschi (photo dog) Bob (filmer) and I!

While we used to shoot a lot in the Montafon, it’s been pretty quiet in years past. Suffice it to say, I was super happy to shoot again in my home valley. Before the guys showed up, I had already picked the spots we would hit and shoot at! We ended up spending 5 days on the mountain, shooting on four days and one day was spent shoveling!

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Super intense days, I tell you what. Waking up every morning at 7am, whole day on the mountain (it was super warm), back home at 5pm, bed time 9:30pm and that for 5 days straight/ We had tons of fun, tons of shots, really good snow! super sick 5 days- thx guys for this amazing time!! bigup!

talk soon