The good people at Line Skis have teamed up with NS to revamp the Member of the Month contest. Each month a new member receives a prize pack from them and bragging rights for being crowned as the winner. Congrats to this month's MOTM winner tomPietrowski!

Tom Pietrowski, arguably one of the most helpful people in Gear Talk and one of our resident gear heads, ran away with the MOTM award for March! It was extremely well deserved win for Tom as he dropped his ever intriguing Pro Rider Set Up articles, in depth gear reviews, and more where that came from in the forums. Solving the simplest of issues such as "What boots do I get?" (never seen that thread before!) to more complex issues, Tom has a wealth of ski smarts that surpasses most!

Some of the highlights!

Mark Abma Setup

Max Morello Setup

Full Tilt Killers - A Salomon Review

More news here! Complete review list here!

Once again, congrats on the well deserved win Tom! Keep spreading your knowledge and expertise to those who need it, we all appreciate it.