Seattle, Washington - Friends and family are mourning the loss of a friend and now former skier, Spencer Parks. “He just left a bunch of notes, and a now empty ski rack,” a tearful roommate told the Radical Radish, “none of us saw it coming.”

One of Spencer’s notes said he “had no other choice,” explaining that he bought the skis thinking that he would be able to ski the “13 feet of POWDER at Mt. Baker” that Unofficial Networks forecasted on their Facebook page. “I just couldn’t take it anymore,“ he continued, “storm after storm I would click on the stories, and even share them, but it’s all a lie! How can these sheeple not see the truth!? The ski area is at 5,000’ where it will probably rain, and the forecasts are for the goddamn summit!”

It is reported that Spencer sold his skis on Craigslist for “hundreds less than he paid,” and that the ad stated they’ve only been used for “a couple of groomer days.”

Close friends and family are still coping with the gravity of this loss. A family spokesman said that they will miss skiing with the young man, telling the Radical Radish “we didn’t think anyone took those seriously, I mean come on we all know it only rains in Washington anyways...“ This sad news goes to show that we, as a community, never know what someone is feeling on the inside.

Clickbait has the power to affect even the most jaded and skeptical social media users. The loss calls for action, so today when you go home to your loved ones, give them a hug, and make sure that they stay safe from clickbait. Unofficial Networks refused to comment, failing to take responsibility for misleading yet another skier.

The roomates have provided the Radical Radish a copy of one of Spencer’s notes: