Season is starting off pretty great. I'm 5 days in so far. Haven't really learned anything new just yet, but I got to hang out with two idols in the same day. Took some laps with my friend Hans and Chris Benchetler. It's a huge compliment to be able to keep up with them (even though we only have 100 acres open). They were also impressed surprised that I could keep up considering the size of my skis compared to what they were on. Then an afternoon beer with Jeremy Jones on the Sun Deck. Sure he may not talk much, and sure he may snowboard, but the things he is doing for the snow sports industry are amazing. He is pretty singlehandedly changing backcountry snowboarding which I will gladly toast to.

I'm predicting awesome things this season. I finally actually get to ski this year. I've been getting enough work that I'm working around 15 hours a week but making more than I ever have. The projects I'm doing are pretty fun to. I'm currently working on Maude Raymond's website. Super stoked on that and so is Armada apparently. New skis coming my way! Seriously though, she is paying me in skis, my favorite currency. Now I just need to acquire some skins and my year of BC can begin! Actually, I need to acquire some health insurance first :/

Now I'm just waiting for the wind to stop and the snow to start. Seems every storm has missed Mammoth so far. It's only November and I have 100 acres, I guess I can't complain too much. 1000 inches? Won't happen, but I'd be stoked for another 400+ winter.