Mammoth Big Mountain Team:

The Mammoth Big Mountain Team is a full time program for athletes 14 and above who want to compete on the IFSA Tour. This program is for the dedicated athlete looking to take their big mountain skiing to the highest potential. Your big mountain skills will be tested daily on 400” of annual snowfall at Mammoth Mountain and at our sister mountain, June Mountain. Additionally, when the “top’s not going off” you’ll be able to improve your jumping skills at Mammoth’s Top Ranked Terrain Park or inside on our super tramp. Mammoth Ski and Snowboard Teams have an excellent relationship with our extremely knowledgeable Ski Patrol. Blended programs with the ski patrol will test your mental skills with snow safety, avalanche certification and force you to become an expert on skiing outside the boundary lines. You’ll also be able to work with Mammoth’s marketing and branding teams enabling you to produce quality video edits that will get your name and skiing skills in the hands of potential ski and clothing sponsors. The Big Mountain Team promises to be a fun, safe, challenging and adrenaline filled program allowing you to achieve ultimate success at any level.

At Mammoth, your education comes first. We have several programs to accommodate your educational needs, whether it’s tutoring needs for your own continued curriculum or entering into Mammoth’s own Independent Learning Center. Each program we have allows you optimal morning training sessions five days a week.

If you would like further information on this program please contact;

Jason Waters