We at Coast Body Wash are thrilled to present the Make Me Famous contest. We will award the winning snowboarder or skier a year-long sponsorship of $20,000 to represent our brand this coming winter up on the slopes.

To enter, you need to submit a video showcasing your best action moves. We want to see you throw down. Submit the video that best exemplifies your technique and style. Don't stress too much about the video production quality... we won't hold your buddies' shaky filming talents against you.

While you only need to submit the action video, we realize that sponsorship is also about your personality off of your board or skis. So we're giving you a chance to submit a second video - the Special Something Video. Submitting a second video isn't a requirement, but it is a chance to show us what else you can bring to the table. Show us what makes you you. Get creative. Show us. Tell us. Make sure we won't forget your face and you'll help your chances for that 20 grand.

Not a big-time ripper? That's OK. You can still participate and win some great prizes. Sign up, make a playlist, and keep coming back. Every two weeks, we'll be running a new and exciting contest that will allow fans and rippers alike the chance to win some rad swag and be a part of this exciting and one of a kind contest.

We want to wish the best of luck to all the contestants and remind you all to have fun. But get cracking soon. This 20 large is burning a pretty big hole in our pocket.

Head on over to coast-makemefamous.com/ and register to get started!