Characteristics: Super quick, jibby, forgiving

Manufacturer's Description:

Rock'n'Rolla are true twin tip skis dedicated to street jibbing and snow park shredding. Thanks to their hybrid technology, the skis combine the buttery looseness of the elliptical rocker with the sharp turn ability of the camber. Rock'n'Rolla make shredding easier as they are more forgiving on landings and are unlikely to catch an edge. Camber lets you better control the turns while it also absorbs impact at landings. The 15°/90° freestyle sidewall cushions the edges and makes servicing of the skis easier. The extremely fast base is now more durable too. Smooth in trick initiation, Rock'n'Rolla will empower you to make all of your favourite devilish butters as easy as a pie.

Sizes: 159, 168, 177, 182 CM

Dimensions: 105 / 85 / 105 MM

Radius: 16 - 21.6 M

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