Newschoolers' Review:

I love the Lumberjack. I thought I had passed through my ridiculous wide pow ski phase, but these will not be leaving my quiver. They are very soft in the tip, a little stiffer in the tail but still soft, and medium flex underfoot. Extremely playful. I'd would recommend them to someone looking for a soft, jibby pow ski like the super fat skis of old. If playing around in the pow and getting into some trees is your thing over charging, the Lumberjack would be a good fit. -Lemuel

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Characteristics: Maneuverable, Floaty, Surfy

Manufacturer's Description:

It is time to get back to the roots. Well-known performance in a classic edition. The new Lumberjack is equipped with a veneer top sheet and matte finish. Handcrafted wooden skis with a detailed finish, long-life wood core flex and timeless wooden design. Lumberjacks are the true powder floating machines made to satisfy the constant urge to search for backcountry kickers, log slides and snow pillows. Rocker design supports easy spins in powder and effortless maneuvering between trees. The freeride- style sidewall increases the riding properties even more and makes proper servicing of the skis much easier. Skiing powder switch, smooth landings, easy handling and surf feeling are all part of the Lumberjack package so jump for joy all you powder riders! Deep woods? High mountains? Bring 'em on

Sizes: 175, 185, 194 CM

Dimensions: 155 / 120 / 145 MM

Radius: 17.6 - 22.1 M