Manufacturer's Description:

The new best friend for all the ladies who wish to embark on a freestyle adventure! Local Beauty have a soft and forgiving flex, are pretty lightweight (and pretty too!). The full camber construction allows for an increased edge-hold, better riding stability and enhanced carve abilities. Local Beauties are fun, easy and comfortable to handle, and are full of pop. Directional flex makes steering in every terrain as easy as ABC. The camber suspension supports and absorbs the impacts of flat landings and choppy terrain. Equipped with fast base and upgraded wood core for better performance. Dear Ladies -- go wild this season and enjoy the ride! A thing of (Local) beauty is a joy forever!

Sizes: 150, 160, 168 CM

Dimensions: 116 / 82 / 111 MM

Radius: 12 - 15.6 M

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