this past friday i took a 6 hour drive to sunday river.  i unfortunatley didn't bring my cam because i didn't think much would be up.  I regret it now because they has a fun c rail and down box as well as a jump over a rainbow rail(the one the snowboarder is hitting on my blog pic) that i was able to rodeo over a couple times.  luke elliot a fellow maine skier was slaying as well as shea flynns brother who i talked with quite a bit.  he was stoked with my skiing which made me really happy considering his bros are devin and shea who both kill it.  I plan on going to sugarloaf in a couple weeks and i promise to bring my cam.  I just got chosen to win a hoodie from the tecnica mission contest. there was a news post on freeskier i am also so stoked about.(im  also wearing the hoodie in my blog pic)

here's my contest entry be sure to watch the videos

i have huge plans for this season and its off to a good start.  hopefully in december i win those boots, that would be amazing.  We still have no snow but it should be here soon then look out for my edits!!!  thanks for reading and stay tuned!