Yesterday marked the opening of the apply named Main Event, large park, on Main Street on Spruce Peak. With the snow guns pumping the last 2 weeks, and lots of help from mother nature, the large park on Spruce is up and running with 2 jumps and 2 rail features. As you could see if you’ve been yet there’s a bunch of other snow piles that will turn into features in the coming weeks. With all the snow we have had lately you shouldn’t be in the park all day anyways! So get up to Stowe and check out the new park and all the snow we’ve got.

Look down the park from the down flat down rail

the short up to flat box combo’ed up with the guard rail down

rockin the flat to down

first table top jump

second step down jump

side view, dwarfed by Mansfield in the back

2 boxes in the mini park located to the right of the half pipe

followed by 2 baby hits

finished up with the butter box

did I mention there’s some snow in the woods

go get some

Jagermeister sponsored the ice carving contest this weekend

you’ll find this sculpture parked outside the Shed in Stowe