Make sure to check out the third episode from the Tabanark Pack to see what went down on this classic Montreal spot -- we only had one camera on hand, so unfortunately we have no photos of the action. Magnus will be bouncing around the USA for the next couple months hitting urban with The Bunch and visiting a resort near you. We also heard they'll be stopping by the Newschoolers Gathering at Loon this weekend. Stay tuned for an exclusive Orage edit of Magnus later this winter.

Magnus Graner and TallT Dan were in town for the weekend shooting with The Tabarnak Pack

Magnus going through his various trick combinations

Brand new ON3P's getting ready for some abuse

Dom Laporte and Magnus scoping the setup from the drop in

Dom wears the Sarg jacket and Belmont pants

Magnus needed a bit more speed for his second trick...

So we whacked some branches and shovelled some snow

#tru #gts


Magnus Graner

With Orage since: Winter 2015

Date of Birth: June 26th, 1993

Winter Home: Umeå, Sweden

Summer Home: Snowy cities around the world

Instagram: magnusgraner

Jacket: Redford and Sarg // Pants: Belmonts // Layering: Stack and Format Hoodie

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