Over the past couple of years, Maude Raymond has become an icon of style and technicality- whether she is sending it off a massive jump line or lapping jibs in the park. Her skiing as well as her attitude towards the sport have been inspiring to many of the women on this site, but Maude wants to do even more to facilitate the involvement and advancement of females in freestyle skiing. To this end, Maude has teamed up with Newschoolers and Camp of Champions to bring us MAAD Revolution- an opportunity to ski and train with her for a week this summer.

Maad Maude Girl's Week will take place from July 5 to July 12, and is open to lady skiers and snowboarders of all levels. If you are looking to evolve your style and broaden your trick bag, or even just to have fun with a group of girls who share your passion, you don't want to miss this opportunity!

Maude sat down to answer a few questions about the event:

How did the idea for MAAD Revolution come about?

Newschoolers had a feel for it and I agreed !

Have you ever instructed a ski camp before?

Yes I have been coaching for a few summers already and I tend to help anyone that is around me during my seasons!

Do you have a specific idea of things you want to focus on with the campers?

Each person is different so before going on snow, I want to find out what each shredder wants to accomplish long term and short term so it is easier to help them towards their goals. I like to help them towards it, encourage them and be there to orient them without telling them where to go. That is where you lose style. I make sure they are happy, that we are learning tricks towards their goal but with their personal touch!

What are you looking forward to most about the week?

I am looking forward to gather girls together, work together and progress! Share experiences, strength and feel confident!

Why do you think the involvement of women and girls in freeskiing is so important?

I think that it is more about reuniting women in freestyle SB & Skiing, working together to progress.

Do you have any quick advice for girls who are just starting to spend time in the park?

Keep shredding, as much as you can as long as you love it! Make sure you do what is necessary to be strong on your legs and healthy so you can learn even more! Embrace the lifestyle, your friends and the mountains!

Head over to the Camp of Champions website to sign up for best week of the year! And be sure to check out the event Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/862624043786494/